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Phase Two

Blue Meets Green Initiative - Phase Two

As we move forward with Phase II of the economic development strategic plan for our region, let’s continue to make St. Clair County a place for people to prosper.

Blue Meets Green targets nine main regional projects 

1 Countywide Education Summit
   Project Champions  - 
Joanne Hopper/Dan Casey
2 Redevelop Edison Site in Marysville
   Project Champion - Randy Fernandez 
3 Apprenticeship training program at St. Clair County Community College
   Project Champion - Dan Casey 
4 County Airport Industrial Park Complex
   Project Champions - Bill Kauffman/Jeff Bohm
5 Permanent Maritime Center on St. Clair River
   Project Champion - Rich Engle 
6 Expand the Smiths Creek Landfill
   Project Champions - Bill Kauffman/Jeff Bohm 
7 Redevelopment of the St. Clair Inn
   Project Champion - Jeff Bohm 
8 Outdoor ampitheater in Port Huron
   Project Champion - Bruce Brown 
9 Create A Large-Scale Industrial Site
   Project Champion - Dan Casey 
Individuals noted as Project Champions are also listed under Leadership Council Tab

Tina Frazer,
Jun 15, 2015, 6:00 AM